Now the mornings and evenings are cooler, you might have noticed some of your rooms are colder than others. You can help keep warm by keeping internal doors shut and using draught excluders, but it may be time for an extra radiator… or to change the size of radiators you already have.

As properties all over Brighton & Hove were built or refurbished in different eras, each followed the trends of its time. It wasn’t so long ago that the only heating in your kitchen came from cooking and in your bathroom, you were lucky to have an electric towel rail.

If you already have gas central heating, but don’t have a radiator in every room, it can be really straightforward to fit an extra one – and you’ll really appreciate the difference in comfort it makes!

We’re here to help. There’s no obligation, but give us a call on 07758 040741 and we’ll see if we can help keep your warmer this winter.